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TORO     $50






Welcome to our Sponsor an Anni-mal page! When you sponsor an Anni-mal it ensures that we have the funds to feed and care for that Anni-mal. We will send you a photo of your Anni-mal and you are always welcome to meet your Anni-mal, just contact us to set up a time to visit!

To set up your sponsorship: 

Choose an Anni-mal, scroll down to see all the available Anni-mals!

Email us with the name of the Anni-mal you would like to sponsor, your name and if you would like your name to be noted on our website as that Anni-mals sponsor, and your mailing address so we can send you a photo.

Click on the Make A Donation button below, click the monthly donation button, follow the prompts and you are all done!

We thank you and our Anni-mals thank you!

*You can change your mind at anytime.

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Bonnie and Clyde: $10.00


This male and female pair of Khaki Campbell ducks was re-homed with Orphan Anni-mals because Clyde was picking on Bonnie, he really needed other females around him so that poor Bonnie wouldn’t be picked on. Now they live happily with us and with two other female ducks!

Norman $50.00


Norman is a 2 year old steer that came to us as a baby. Norman is the by-product of the dairy industry and as a male he was not needed; he was going to be sent to slaughter, which is where we came in! Norman was bottle fed and given lots of love. He has turned out to be an incredible ambassador for us and takes part in our children’s workshops with his sweet and gentle nature.

Casanova $50

Sponsors: Laura & Lester Guerra

Casanova is a 20 year old in-tact mini horse who was left behind when the owners house was foreclosed on, when he was discovered he was going to euthanized. Now he is happy  and healthy here with us.

Dolly $50



Dolly is a mini-mule and she really is mini! Sweet natured and silly now, she was completely feral when she came us. Dolly was the product of a divorce.

Franklin & Annabella $25.00



Franklin and Annabella are an all too familiar story when it comes to pot belly pigs, they got bigger than their owners expected and were not trained properly so they were surrendered to us. They are sweet as can be and love each other very much!

Cowboy $15



Poor Cowboy, an intact male goat that was left behind after his owners moved. He fits in great here and is just a silly old man!

                                                                Oreo 15.00

Our Oreo, just as sweet as the cookie! Surrendered to us after she was no longer wanted; living out her days eating, lounging and chewing her cud, just they way she should!

Eenie & Meenie $30.00



Eeenie and Meenie came to us from a loving home after their owners passed away. They are sweet as can be and are never far from each other!

Sweet Pea $50



Our beautiful Sweet Pea, an abandoned 3 month old Chincoteaque pony that we adopted in 2006. He lives out his days with lots of friends never to be lonely or abandoned again.


Our sweet Lily has crossed the Rainbow Bridge
Sadly to say good bye to our sweet girl. 

Lily has crossed the rainbow Bridge.



This is Lilly, our old lady that came from a meat farm. She was too old to have any more babies and was going to be sent to slaughter, how could anyone?, with a face that cute and those silly teeth! Now she is here with us enjoying her retirement days relaLI












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