This Year’s Christmas Story

This year’s Christmas story 🎄this is Speedy n Max, when there owners , needed to home them due to their own health issues , they did not know what to to ,Speedy is blind and not only was Max his long time buddy, he is his eyes, when asked what to do it was suggested , by a equine professional to put them both down , ??? They are older and Speedy is blind , I was contacted both ponies are older, and yes Speedy is blind, but both in good shape , I said I would take them, as you see they have already caught the eye of Natty ❤️ to her thru her little eyes they bring joy a smile, that’s a big enough reason for me, that they both deserve LIFE,❣️ no one knows how long they have , but until God makes that decision they will be loved!!

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