Giving Tuesday

Spring Fundraiser (postponed) Fall Open House!
We will be having our Annual Fall Open House in place of this event, date to be announced , all Welcome! Sadly to say during this time we have to postpone, this event. Orphan Annimals is in need of Sponsors or one time donors.

2 thoughts on “Giving Tuesday

  1. Hello,

    This is Margaret Moore from GFR Designs, I do horse hair bracelets. I can send a sample bracelet I have if you would like. I never really heard from you guys on the two bracelets I sent for the auctions a couple of years ago. Did they not wrk? Response good or bad.

    Thank you, Margaret Moore



    1. Yes , Thank you ,Margaret, our Spring fundraiser got cancelled due to Covid. The bracelets did go over , very well.
      I apologize if you did not receive a Thank You card as you and I did speak on the phone, we also gave your card and information out to those interested. Our next fundraiser is in the fall, although if you have the time to donate a bracelet or two, that would be great, we are trying to put a Virtual Fundraiser together as we speak. As we are in need of sponsors , to help us during this trying time, our animals still need us everyday.
      Thank You in advance for your help now and in the past.


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