A New Year the Sanctuary

The New Year, a time for planning and resolutions. While we as a sanctuary don’t really make any resolutions, we do make plans. Running a sanctuary is hard work and you never know what’s around the corner, but we have to have some sort of order and planning in place. And we have big plans for this year, some of which we can share now and some of which we will hopefully announce soon.

Our handsome Magoo in the spirit!

The New Year did start off with a bang. We rescued 5 minis from the auction. Now, this is not normal practice for us, but when one of our volunteers and major donors asked for help, we jumped right in. We first saved a pony and mini-horse and while picking up them up we learned of 3 others, one of which is pregnant. How could we possibly leave her knowing that her fate would mostly likely be slaughter? We were able to raise the money with the help our followers and saved all 5!

Safe! Now known as Gerty and Lizzie


Now they are safe with us. They will be seen by our vet and stay in quarantine for 7 to 10 days. Once they have been cleared they will be available for adoption. The pregnant mare will stay with us until she has the foal.  Once the foal is old enough they will also be available for adoption.

Relaxing and eating some fresh hay just as they should.
Look at this sweet pregnant mare, now she can have her baby safe and sound with us.

What else is happening for the New Year? We are doing a major clean up and overhaul of our sanctuary. We are building a new cat house and adding fencing.  We are making major repairs to our existing barns and shelters. We will be having a spring fundraiser, which we have not done before, as well as our annual fall fundraiser. While all of this is going on we still have our day to day of caring for our animals and rescuing when called on. It never ends. We love what we do and wouldn’t have it any other way.

We would like to thank everyone who has supported us along the way, either by donating money, time or supplies. And to those who follow us on social media, liking our posts and helping us spread the word; your likes and words of encouragement mean so much.

Thank you to all and cheers to the New Year here at Orphan Anni-mals!




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